If your business is legally required to have an audit carried out by a Registered Auditor, we can work with you to make sure you’re companies accounts are accurate, compliant and being distributed efficiently. We are leading Accountants in Hayes offers Auditing Services in Hayes.

Identify weaknesses in your accounts & suggest improvements

Through an audit, I can suggest improvements that will make a marked difference to your bottom line.

Enhance credibility & reliability of figures

If you’re preparing to sell your business, regular audits can enhance the credibility of your figures to prospective purchasers.

Protect your credit rating & appear more attractive to suppliers

Credit ratings can be affected if you don’t have an audit, and HRMC may consider your figures less reliable.

Provide assurance to your shareholders & directors

If your shareholders aren’t closely involved with your day to day accounts, give them a transparent look at what’s going on.

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